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Back from North Korea

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Jun. 27th, 2007 | 12:11 am

So I finally did the DMZ and 3rd tunnel tour. It was really quite fascinating. We went to the US miliatry camp at the DMZ, Camp Bonifacio. From there we went to the meeting room where all the big wigs meet for world peace. Outside were ROK ( Republic of Korea ) miliatary men stand guard facing the building on the other side. The guards were standing at attack ready attention half covered by our building and the other half staring at North Korea . On top of the North Korean building were several North Korea soldiers staring at US!! We were instructed not to make any attempts at communication or else. Oh yea, I forgot to mention the release of liability form we had to sign that stated we are putting our lives at risk for even coming to this area.GREAT!!!
We were able to see the propaganda villiage that the North Korean government created . We were told that the villiage is not lived in. We saw many signes indicating beware of land mines, the bridge of no return and the Worlds largest Flagpole ( north korean) that soldier of fortune put a price on. I will post photos later.
Then we went off to the third infiltration tunnel. What a walk at 11 degree incline . The roof of the tunnel was very small.. NOrth Koreans must be tiny. It was a pretty tense place to be at the DMZ, but a tour I am glad I took.

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