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Back from North Korea

Jun. 27th, 2007 | 12:11 am

So I finally did the DMZ and 3rd tunnel tour. It was really quite fascinating. We went to the US miliatry camp at the DMZ, Camp Bonifacio. From there we went to the meeting room where all the big wigs meet for world peace. Outside were ROK ( Republic of Korea ) miliatary men stand guard facing the building on the other side. The guards were standing at attack ready attention half covered by our building and the other half staring at North Korea . On top of the North Korean building were several North Korea soldiers staring at US!! We were instructed not to make any attempts at communication or else. Oh yea, I forgot to mention the release of liability form we had to sign that stated we are putting our lives at risk for even coming to this area.GREAT!!!
We were able to see the propaganda villiage that the North Korean government created . We were told that the villiage is not lived in. We saw many signes indicating beware of land mines, the bridge of no return and the Worlds largest Flagpole ( north korean) that soldier of fortune put a price on. I will post photos later.
Then we went off to the third infiltration tunnel. What a walk at 11 degree incline . The roof of the tunnel was very small.. NOrth Koreans must be tiny. It was a pretty tense place to be at the DMZ, but a tour I am glad I took.

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Goodbye's suck

Jun. 23rd, 2007 | 12:51 am

So for a long time I have been hesisitant about fully trusting and making myself emotionally vulnerable to a guy. The old term once bitten twice shy definetly is true. But I let my guard down with a soldier I met here in late August. Knowing full well we would both only be her one year. I don' know why I did it, but today was our goodbye. It sucked. Not will our relationship turn into friendly emails and maybe a phone call now and then, but he is certain he will be deployed and that is what sucks the most.
I can't wait to be in civilian terratory again!

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Off to North Korea

Jun. 20th, 2007 | 01:48 am

Or shall I say the DMZ. I am really excited it about it. Maybe they will stamp my passpot. I will post photos. I am just doing a day tour on the 26TH yippe. Ill give Kim jung il your reagards..

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The Itch!!!

Jun. 16th, 2007 | 08:07 pm

Why do I have an expensive hobby like international travel. I have been wondering how long I will remain in the states before moving back overseas.. What can i say..Adult ADD

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May. 31st, 2007 | 11:03 pm

Well I just returned from a fascinating trip to the Middle East. Dubai is growing like the wild west. It is made up of approximately 80% foreigners with the majority being from India. Buildinng and construction is happening 24/7. I saw the grounds of Dubailand..A version of Disney World expected to be over 2x the size. The Burj was lovely. Even though I only saw it from the outside.
Weather was 42 C ( all I know that in Farenheit that is HOT!!!). I ate some fantastic food and rode a camel. Did a bit of shopping at the spice souk and yes I bought a Sheesha( hookah) !!!! THis place is definetly on my map for future employment. I felt very safe for the most part. It did take a while to get used to the Call for prayer and interesting to see cars pull over and people start praying. Sue and Nick took me to Hatta ( another emerite) in the mountains near Oman. Very pretty.
It was great to see my family again. Sue and I even made some stuffed cabbage for old times sake.
I will have photos posted soon!!

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May. 29th, 2007 | 06:39 am

IT is very lovely here and pretty much reminds me of VEgas but not quite as cheesy yet. They are building everywhere and will soon be much more expensive then it is . We spent the night in Hatta ( located in another Emerite near OMan). IT was a mountain cottage and very nice. I like living like a rich girl.. Today I will be going on the Big BUs tour should get lots more photos. My goal is to post those before i leave..

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All is well in the UAE

May. 26th, 2007 | 03:41 pm

I arrived safely in Dubai after a 10 hour flight on Emerites Airlines. Let me say even economy was nice and the food was great.
Tonite we are going to the desert to ride camels, get some henna and do some bellydancing.. I will keep you posted..

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May. 19th, 2007 | 04:46 am

I have a phone interview on Wednesday for the position I really want back in las vegas.
Friday I leave for a week in Dubai.. Can't wait to ride a camel and do some bellydancing.

I just got tickets so I can spend my bday with my family in Indiana.. I am soo excited. I return for a few days and then home for good!!
That's all for now

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Drum Roll Please..........

May. 5th, 2007 | 04:47 pm

Yes I have made my final decision. I have officially declined the Germany position!! I will be back to the big city and bright lights of Vegas in August and could not feel any happier about it!!!!

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Just an update..

Apr. 28th, 2007 | 03:51 am
mood: anxiousanxious

My next big trip is in the works!!! I am headed to Dubai for Memorial Day. I can't wait to see my cousins and the desert and ride some camels.

I still am not sure where or what i will be doing come August.
It is starting to get a bit stressful. When i think about returning to Vegas, I get a warm, happy feeling. It would be fantastic to be with and near friends and family and able to start decorating the condo.. it needs paint, a new couch and maybe new flooring.

When i think of going to Germany, I get excited and the wanderer in me gets happy.

I am just relying on the concept that I will be where I am supposed to be. I am sure God has a plan for me.. I would just like a hint at what it is.

My bet is back to sin city!!
but nothing is for sure!!

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