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May. 31st, 2007 | 11:03 pm

Well I just returned from a fascinating trip to the Middle East. Dubai is growing like the wild west. It is made up of approximately 80% foreigners with the majority being from India. Buildinng and construction is happening 24/7. I saw the grounds of Dubailand..A version of Disney World expected to be over 2x the size. The Burj was lovely. Even though I only saw it from the outside.
Weather was 42 C ( all I know that in Farenheit that is HOT!!!). I ate some fantastic food and rode a camel. Did a bit of shopping at the spice souk and yes I bought a Sheesha( hookah) !!!! THis place is definetly on my map for future employment. I felt very safe for the most part. It did take a while to get used to the Call for prayer and interesting to see cars pull over and people start praying. Sue and Nick took me to Hatta ( another emerite) in the mountains near Oman. Very pretty.
It was great to see my family again. Sue and I even made some stuffed cabbage for old times sake.
I will have photos posted soon!!

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